To Hang Decorative Tapestry Rod

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Tapestry rod – When the tapestries were first made, their use more practical than decorative, although the decorative aspect was appreciated. In the middle Ages, tapestries helped to insulate the bare stone walls of castles and fortresses, helps keep those who live within the walls a little warmer. Now, with advances in technology, houses and buildings are better insulated, so tapestries can be appreciated for their beauty alone. When hanging tapestries on your walls, take into account the hanging of decorative tapestry rods as well. Hanging these decorative rods properly can increase the wallpaper it keeps as well as the overall decor of your room.

Instructions to hang decorative tapestry rod: Measure the wallpaper. When you hang rod to the wallpaper, you should try to have the rod extend about 3 inches on each side. Second, mark the location of brackets or hooks with a pen so you can accurately install them again without having to drill unnecessary holes in the wall. Use a level to ensure your brands are positioned correctly. This will also prevent you redo the location of your hooks or brackets.

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Use a cordless drill or a screwdriver to ensure your brackets or hooks to the wall. If the wall is plaster or sheetrock, you probably can get without pre-drilling pilot holes for the decorative rod hardware. But if your walls are wood paneled, stone or brick, make a pilot hole will make installation easier. Fourth, slip the rod through the mosaic pockets or channel behind the wallpaper. Last, hang the rod on brackets or hooks and attach the finals, your decorative tapestry rod come with them.