Ideas To Hang Funny Tapestry

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Funny tapestry – Carpet tapestry is often valuable investment and should be hung with care to preserve their beauty and value. The key to hanging a rug tapestry properly making it completely flat, as if lying on the floor. Not only does this give the wallpapers its best visual display, but it helps prevent damage from hanging. The best technique for hanging a carpet fabric depends on its weight and the desired location. Frame it behind glass, or View the bald with invisible support.

Hanging a small and light funny tapestry weave a picture in a frame with glass. Sandwich it between two layers of glass, or place it on a baking board and cover it with a sheet of glass. If you use a baking board, choose a complementary colored paper behind the wallpaper. If you are using sandwiched glass photo frame attach hooks behind the frame. Insert nails at a slight angle into the wall at the desired location to hang the fabric.

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Cut a strip of between heavy fabric 3 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the top of the wallpaper. The outer edges of the hem and the top and bottom of the fabric on a sewing machine.  Cut several strips of fabric tabs. Hem the sides of the flaps and sew them to the edge of the long fabric strip of uniform intervals. The heavier the carpet tabs more it will require.  Hand-sew the long fabric band to the top of weaves funny tapestry, leaving space for a dowel. Insert the plug in the pocket. 5 hanging tapestry carpet on a curtain rod to the desired location.