Hanging A Grateful Dead Tapestry On A Curved Wall

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Grateful dead tapestry – A tapestry is a piece of decorative cloth or art that can be hung on the wall. Many people use tapestries to complete the mood of a room. Tapestries have become very popular because they are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs. Tapestries also offer a quick fix when trying to cover paint or structural damage to a wall. When hanging a tapestry on a curved wall, a special procedure to be followed so that the wallpaper is correctly without an awkward appearance.

Put your grateful dead tapestry on a table with the wrong side of the blanket up. Separate both sides of the hook-and-loop mounting strip by pulling them apart with your hands. Use scissors to cut both sides of the hook-and-loop mounting tape into four pieces. Each piece should measure 2 inches by 2 inches. Grasp a piece of the growing ties and pull the backing to reveal the sticky glue on the back. Touch a piece of the growing stripe on each corner of the wallpaper with glue down.

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Take two pieces Balsam tree, the same width as your wallpaper and attach them to the curved wall where the top and bottom of your tapestry will hang. Grasp four square pieces of hook-and-loop closure material and features backing out of each piece using your fingers to reveal the sticky glue on the back. Press a piece of hook-and-look mounting strip on each corner of the two pieces of wood that you mounted on the wall. Gather your grateful dead tapestry and hang it on the wall by lining up the hook-and-loop mounting pieces and press the edge of the blanket against the tree with his hands.